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Creating tranquility inside and out

Imagine being able to relax in your own, unique, secret garden. Each vibrant flower bed, winding pebble path, and babbling water feature: a realisation of your dreams. 

Nature has the power to heal. This is why we’re passionate about providing sacred outdoor spaces in which to unwind. 

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We don’t just design and build gardens; we create sanctuaries


We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that is really nurturing us

- Jenny Uglow
The world can be a busy and turbulent place. After a stressful day, come home and rejuvenate in your own private oasis.


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Starting the fit and detailing on a contemporary outdoor kitchen. We love the detailing of a project. 

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Another wonderful shoot with the highly skilled @jackboskett and his videographer Lee Matthews. Exciting to see how they portray our work. We loved designing and building this job as the clients are fun and allowed us to push the boundaries. I will follow with photos of the shoot shortly.......

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We love the unexpected. Height and drama have been added in a this rockery that surrounds a fire pit in the centre of the garden. Good design breaks up space giving depth of field and making space feel bigger as it draws the eye around the garden. A rock rose surrounds the bearded iris and very special red hawthorn flowers at the back

#weloveplanting #gardendesigncotswolds owlds #bespokegardendesign #gardensbykeltieandclark
Beautiful clay pavers leading to a circular design with different rooms. This area is about to burst into red hot colours. Teasers of colour are starting to pop. We always love revisting gardens we have built. We are back working on new projects for this client and it is so much fun walking around the project built 3 years ago. Gardens are not static they need nurturing to develop and we put the gardener in place to ensure the initial investment is protected.

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Love it when clients send a picture. The garden room views @tewkesburypark hotel are starting to mature. What a pleasure to do a space so may will get to enjoy whilst have some time away. The planting and mini garden areas had to match the spectacular views. We loved working with the hotel on this one.
When you revisit a site years later it is wonderful to see your work having weathered in. We were drafted in to build this water feature for designers @unique_landscapes_ltd as we are specialist in complex water builds. We still love this one. 

#largewaterfeature #waterfeatures #buildingwaterfeatures #specialists in water #gardensbykeltieandclark
We love the way everything changes at night. This gunnera and Equisetum take on a new life when the sun goes down. Every night people stop at this window just to pause and have a look. We love the challenge of lighting design as it is the final detail in the design stages and we often spend a dusky evening in the garden with clients with different bulbs to ensure we get the right colour white light and the exact strength of beam. The advantage with one company to design and builds means this design detail is followed through to the every detail. 

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You never said abseiling was in the job description.........landscaping is fun and never a dull day.

#gardendesigncotswolds #abseillandscaping #sunnyspringdays
The sun is shining the iris are starting to bloom. This screen seperating the clients drive to the kitchen garden is doing its job. Pleached parrotia trees are maturing nicely. Every inch of our gardens are considered. We love our job. 

#irisstartingtobloom #pleachedtrees #gardendesigncotswolds #gardensbykeltieandclark #loveiris #springinbloom
We have worked on this estste for years and then suddenly a big landslide complicated geotechnical solutions had to be found. After underpinning the bank we are finally at infilling the webmatting with topsoil ready to be seeded. This has been a difficult and challenging project with hard solutions being found but we are nearing the end. For the guys working on site they are sleeping well after mountain landscaping. We do love a challenging job though. 

#technicallandscapes #challengeaccepted #funprojects #gardendesigncotswolds #gardensbykeltieandclark
Steel retaining wall in. Metal trellis yet to go in to green this up and make it part of the landscape. It has serious engineering behind it but simplicity at the front. 

#welovechallengingprojects #gardendesigncotswolds #gardensbykeltieandclark #technicallandscapes
Getting some planning in for some geotechnical engineering. We have huge technical build ability within the company and that allows us to take on some really interesting projects. Watch out for more on this project...........

#technicalbuilds #skillfulllandscaping #gardensbykeltieandclark #gardendesignerscotswolds #funprojects
Finally it is spring. Love this combination of lemon yellow primrose with forget me knot and surrounded by purple ajuga. What's you favourite spring flower combo?

Happy Easter all

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Love spring days the shorts come out and jumpers off. Occasionally in a career different projects come along. This was a plain old paddock and now is being turned into a memorial garden for our clients special horses.  A large pond was made to sit and reflect a journey around woodland planting, an iris walk way, a mound with seat on top created from the dig out of the pond and pathways through meadows all to add to the amazing place for reflection and wildlife to flourish. An orchard area transition this area to the vegetable garden then into the ornamental garden. The design and implementation of this one has been so wonderful in thoughtfulness of the relationship between humankind and their pets. We have enjoyed the journey this project set us on and all done for the most wonderful people at a time when our own 15 year old springer is fading with cancer. Great garden design creates such emotion.

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Front bespoke path being completed. Organic pebble shapes care created to flow to the front door. We cannot wait for the plants to soften it all in. Give the house the entrance it deserves and ensures the front door is clear. 

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Nothing like a gentle water feature. Designed and put into one of our contemporary gardens. It was designed to see it from the front right through the windows into back garden. We are currently doing this clients drive way and so many people stop and look from the street we are thinking we may have to screen it from the street view. Lots of compliments though. 

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We love autumn into winter. People worry about cutting everything back and tidying. We love watching the plants transform and change to their dormant state. This is the beauty of our changing seasons. Plus it is good to keep this dying foliage for hibernating insects. Tidying up can be done in early spring before all the new growth starts. This is a gunnera leaf that was a meter wide. We enjoy watching its transition to a dormant plant and wait expectantly for it emergence in the spring. What's your favourite winter remains of a plant? 

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There is nothing like water right outside your window. This is a project we were involved with many years ago but I never get tired of seeing this picture. You get to watch incredible pond wildlife up close undisturbed. Dragon flies frogs and fish are undisturbed when you watch from behind glass. We were drafted into this project just to build the two large water features on this job. Water really is our passion. What would be your favourite garden feature? 

#waterinthegarden #pondwildlife #wildlifeponds #gardensbykeltieandclark
At this time of year lighting is everything. We do lighting designs in house and love how it changes the dynamic of the garden. We love this water feature lit up it makes the @torc_pots water bowl we got bespokely made with them pop. It fits in completely with the converted barn and steel vegetable beds. 

#gardenlights #lightingdesigner #gardenlightingdesigners #gardendesigncheltenham  #waterfeatures #waterbowls #gardensbykeltieandclark
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  • “We have now completed  two major projects with Keltie & Clark and we love the finished gardens and paved areas. Both have made a big impact on how our property looks and we are very satisfied with all aspects of their work. Well done Sam & Curstain!”

    Mel and Marc Gillespe

  • “Our garden completely exceeded our expectations and looks amazing, from start to finish. Curstain, Sam and their team have been a pleasure to work with”